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Lucky Box 3rd


Minerals Gems

Image:Litheon.PNG 20 Litheon
Image:Orichalcum.PNG 20 Orichalcum
Image:Moonstone.PNG 20 Moonstone
Image:Wind  Crystal.PNG 20 Wind Crystal
Image:Fairy's  Wings.PNG 20 Fairy's Wings

Image:Life  Stone.PNG 20 Stone of Life
Image:Mind  Stone.PNG 20 Mind Stone
Image:Heart  Stone.PNG 20 Heart Stone
Image:Manastone.PNG 20 Manastone

Image:Ruby.PNG 35 Ruby
Image:Sapphire.PNG 35 Sapphire
Image:Aquamarine.PNG 35 Aquamarine
Image:Emerald.PNG 35 Emerald
Image:Opal.PNG 35 Opal


1H Swords 1H Axes 1H Maces

Crystal Sword.jpg Crystal Sword
Bloody Scimiar.jpg Bloody Scimitar
Lenciana's  Rapier.jpg Lenciana's Rapier

Image:Halberd.gif Halberd
Partisan.png Partisan

Regulus's  Wooden Club.jpg Regulus's Wooden Club
Image:Athena's_Mithril_Hammer.jpg Athena's Mithril Hammer
2H Swords 2H Axes 2H Maces

Deadly War  Sword.jpg Deadly War Sword

Decapitator.jpg Decapitator
Ancient Ax.jpg Ancient Ax
Image:Kimball's Battle Axe.jpg Kimball's Battle Ax

Image:Grand  Sceptor.jpg Grand Sceptor
Mighty Sceptor.jpg Mighty Sceptor
1H Staves Daggers

The Shining  Stone.jpg The Shining Stone
Crystal Orb.jpg Crystal Orb
Power of the  Lotus.jpg Power of the Lotus

Cinquedea.jpg Cinquedea
Deadly Bone  Knife.jpg Deadly Bone Knife
Take That, Dude.jpg Take That, Dude!
2H Staves Bows

Merlin's Short  Staff.jpg Merlin's Short Staff
Circe's  Quarter Staff.jpg Circe's Quarter Staff
Image:Alberig's Elder Staff.gif Alberig's Elder Staff
Antares's Power.gif Antares's Power

Aktaeon's Long  Bow.jpg Aktaeon's Long Bow
Orion the  Hunter.jpg Orion the Hunter
Image:Altair's Composite Bow.gif Altair's Composite Bow


Helms Shields Belts

Image:Helm of  Helios.gif Helm of Helios

Image:Arkas'_Wooden_Sheild.jpg Arkas's Wooden Shield

Ron Kay's Belt.jpg Ron Kay's Belt

Image:Magic Helm of Pluto.gif Magic Helm of Pluto

Image:Aeneas' Tower Sheild.jpg Aeneas's Tower Shield

Eros's  Accessory.jpg Eros's Accessory


Spica's  Prophecy.jpg Spica's Prophecy
Castor's  Earrings.jpg Castor's Earrings
Gemini Earring.gif Gemini Earring
Ganymede's  Song.jpg Ganymede's Song
Hercules Band.jpg Hercules Band
Regulus's  Pendant.jpg Regulus's Pendant
Zeus's Pearl  Necklace.jpg Zeus's Pearl Necklace
Orion's Ring.jpg Orion's Ring
Image:Albedaran's Energy.jpg Albedaran's Energy
The Will of  Hercules.jpg The Will of Hercules
Image:Phixus  Cloak.jpg Phixus Cloak
Image:Cloak of Hellenopolis.jpg Cloak of Hellenopolis
Image:Cambridge.png Cambridge Brick


All costumes from the Lucky 77 Box - the 3rd are 365 days in duration.
Image:Flower  Pot.jpg You're a Sweetie Image:Flower  Pot.jpg You're Kind Image:Flower  Pot.jpg You're Sleek
Image:Flower  Pot.jpg You're Beautiful Image:Flower  Pot.jpg You're Fierce Image:Flower  Pot.jpg You're Quiet

Item Shop

Map Transfer Scroll (3 days) Image:Movement Speed Potion.PNG Movement Speed 20% Potion (3 days)
Open Warehouse Scroll (3 days) Premium Hair Style Shop Coupon

Enchant Scrolls

Image:Enchant Scroll 1-39.jpg Enchant Scroll: Armor 1-39 Image:Enchant Scroll 1-39.jpg Enchant Scroll: Accessory 1-39 Image:Enchant Scroll 1-39.jpg Enchant Scroll: Weapon 1-39
Image:Enchant Scroll 40-79.jpg Enchant Scroll: Armor 40-79 Image:Enchant Scroll 40-79.jpg Enchant Scroll: Accessory 40-79 Image:Enchant Scroll 40-79.jpg Enchant Scroll: Weapon 40-79
Image:Enchant Scroll 80-119.jpg Enchant Scroll: Armor 80-119 Image:Enchant Scroll 80-119.jpg Enchant Scroll: Accessory 80-119 Image:Enchant Scroll 80-119.jpg Enchant Scroll: Weapon 80-119

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