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Isi Lucky Box 2nd


Minerals Gems

Image:Litheon.PNG 20 Litheon
Image:Orichalcum.PNG 20 Orichalcum
Image:Moonstone.PNG 20 Moonstone
Image:Wind Crystal.PNG 20 Wind Crystal
Image:Fairy's Wings.PNG 20 Fairy's Wings

Image:Life Stone.PNG 20 Stone of Life
Image:Mind Stone.PNG 20 Mind Stone
Image:Heart Stone.PNG 20 Heart Stone
Image:Manastone.PNG 20 Manastone

Image:Ruby.PNG 35 Ruby
Image:Sapphire.PNG 35 Sapphire
Image:Aquamarine.PNG 35 Aquamarine
Image:Emerald.PNG 35 Emerald
Image:Opal.PNG 35 Opal


Earrings Necklaces

Image:Ancient Gold Earring.jpg Ancient Gold Earring
Forgotten Temple's Earring.jpg Forgotten Temple's Earring

Image:Ancient Gold Necklace.jpg Ancient Gold Necklace
Image:Brisingamen.jpg Brisingamen
Holy Man's Necklace.jpg Holy Man's Necklace


Helms Shields Belts

Image:Patient One's Helmet.jpg Patient One's Helmet

Image:Hephaistos' Last Work.jpg Hephaistos' Last Work

Philosopher's Belt.jpg Philosopher's Belt

Image:Helmet of Desire.jpg Helmet of Desire

Image:Great General's Guardian Shield.jpg Great General's Guardian Shield

Image:Megingjord.jpg Megingjord

Image:Aegis.jpg Aegis

Berserker Belt.jpg Berserker Belt

Heavy Armor Sets Light Armor Sets Robe Armor Sets
Berserker's Rage The Prophecy of a Transcendentalist Dark Magic

Image:Berserker's Armor and Helmet.jpg Berserker's Armor and Helmet
Image:Berserker's Gauntlet.jpg Berserker's Gauntlet
Image:Berserker's Boots.jpg Berserker's Boots

Image:Transcendent's Leather Armor.jpg Transcendent's Leather Armor
Image:Transcendent's Leather Gloves.jpg Transcendent's Leather Glove
Image:Transcendent's Leather Long Boots.jpg Transcendent's Leather Long Boots

Image:Corrupted Magician's Robe.jpg Corrupted Magician's Robe
Image:Corrupted Magician's Gloves.jpg Corrupted Magician's Glove
Image:Corrupted Magician's Boots.jpg Corrupted Magician's Boots
Aurora of the Guardian Secrets of a Depraved Monk Library of Magic

Image:Seven Guardian Armor.jpg Seven Guardian Armor
Image:Seven Guardian Gauntlet.jpg Seven Guardian Gauntlet
Image:Seven Guardian Boots.jpg Seven Guardian Boots

Image:Depraved Monk's Leather Armor.jpg Depraved Monk's Leather Armor
Image:Depraved Monk's Leather Gloves.jpg Depraved Monk's Leather Glove
Image:Depraved Monk's Leather Boots.jpg Depraved Monk's Leather Long Boots

Image:Dionysos's Robe.jpg Dionysos's Robe
Image:Dionysos's Magic Glove.jpg Dionysos's Magic Glove
Image:Dionysos's Magic Boots.jpg Dionysos's Magic Boots


2h Mace

Image:Pickax.jpg Wasting Life for 30 Years


Image:HP Potion of Mystery.png 70 HP Potion of Mystery Image:MP Potion of Mystery.png 50 MP Potion of Mystery Image:Elixir.jpg 150 Elixir
Image:HP Potion of Blessing.png 40 HP Potion of Blessing Image:MP Potion of Blessing.png 30 MP Potion of Blessing Image:Large Elixir.jpg 80 Large Elixir
Image:Movement Speed Potion.PNG 10 Movement Speed 20% Potion


Worm costumes from the Lucky 77 - the 2nd are 365 days in duration, and require a character level of at least 65 to use.
Image:Worm.jpg Powerful Worm Image:Worm.jpg Smart Worm Image:Worm.jpg Healthy Worm Image:Worm.jpg Fast Worm Image:Worm.jpg Strong Worm

Hat costumes from the Lucky 77 - the 2nd are 30 days in duration.
Image:Tag of the Tribe Leader.jpg Tag of the Tribe Leader Image:Alien's Electric Wave Transmitter.jpg Alien's Electric Wave Transmitter

Costume Sets

Each piece in the costume sets has a 90 day duration, and requires a character level of 50 or higher.
Image:Chicken Gloves.jpg Chicken Glove Image:Chicken Feet.jpg Chicken Feet Image:Chicken Costume.jpg Chicken Costume Image:Chicken Head.jpg Chicken Head
Image:Panda Gloves.jpg Panda Glove Image:Panda Feet.jpg Panda Feet Image:Panda Costume.jpg Panda Costume Image:Panda Head.jpg Panda Head

Enchant Scrolls

Image:Enchant Scroll 1-39.jpg Enchant Scroll: Armor 1-39 Image:Enchant Scroll 1-39.jpg Enchant Scroll: Accessory 1-39 Image:Enchant Scroll 1-39.jpg Enchant Scroll: Weapon 1-39
Image:Enchant Scroll 40-79.jpg Enchant Scroll: Armor 40-79 Image:Enchant Scroll 40-79.jpg Enchant Scroll: Accessory 40-79 Image:Enchant Scroll 40-79.jpg Enchant Scroll: Weapon 40-79
Image:Enchant Scroll 80-119.jpg Enchant Scroll: Armor 80-119 Image:Enchant Scroll 80-119.jpg Enchant Scroll: Accessory 80-119 Image:Enchant Scroll 80-119.jpg Enchant Scroll: Weapon 80-119

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